Introducing OmniFlow Process Client

OmniFlow Process Client is a web-based application, using which users can view their pending workitem lists corresponding to the various queues of which they are a member.

In any workflow system, a user works on a particular workitem, performs data entry operations and routes it through different stages of a process.

OmniFlow Process Client enables a user to connect to a defined queue, and get a list of workitems in it. Process Client also allows the user to perform various operations like, reassigning workitems, referring workitems to other users of the system, revoking previously set references, setting reminders on workitems for self or other users, changing the priority of workitems, etc. Apart from this, the Process Client is further empowered with extensive searches, which facilitates the searching of any workitem based on certain criteria.

Through the Process Client, the users can then open each of the workitems on which they have access permissions, in the WorkDesk, and process them to be further routed in the underlying process.

The user logs into the OmniFlow Process Client by specifying the login user id and password and selecting the appropriate cabinet.


The workitems, which are fixed assigned to the user are displayed in “My queue”.The user can filter the workitems according to the queues and saved queries.




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