To login the web process client:

  1. Specify the http: path for the Web Client in the browser.



The http path contains the machine name and port where Web Client is registered.

http://<machinename or IP>: <port>/webdesktop


The login screen is invoked.

  1. Specify the User Name, Password and select the Database name for which the connection has to be made.

  2. Select the option Remember my user id and Cabinet, if you don’t want to specify user name and select the cabinet every time you login.

  3. If this option is selected the user name and current cabinet is displayed at the time of next login. The user just has to specify the password.

  4. Click Login to start the session.



In case the same user has logged in on some other machine. The message box is displayed.

a) To disconnect that user and login, click OK.


  1. 5. By default, ‘My Queue’ of the logged in user is displayed, listing all the workitems that have been fixed or temporarily assigned to him. The workitem entries in the worklist may appear to be in different colors. Each color provides significant information about the corresponding workitem, as described in the following table:

    Bright Green e.g.  

    This is the default color in which normal workitems are displayed in the worklist

    Red e.g.

    This represents that the workitem is either completed or discarded.

    Sea Green e.g.

    All workitems that are referred to a user appear in this color in the referred user’s My Queue.

    Blue e.g.

    All Audit workitems are represented in blue color in the worklist.

    Dull Green e.g

    All workitems that have been referred by a user appear in dull green color in that user’s My Queue

  2. Select the queue from the Queue list to view its workitems.

  3. To refresh the list of workitems, click Refresh.




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